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10 Things Columbus Property Owners Should Know Before Jumping In The Airbnb Game

Not surprisingly, Columbus is one of the fastest-growing Airbnb markets in the United States. Man, Columbus is killing it! But with its growth comes questions surrounding how best to regulate the local industry and more importantly protect the community. Because there are currently no state laws in Ohio regarding Airbnb's, the city of Columbus, in conjunction with a group of Airbnb property owners known as The Columbus Hosts Alliance, are working on them together. Their mission is to create a safe environment to foster this growing industry.


Although things could change rapidly, below are 10 things Columbus property owners should know to protect themselves and their customers.

  1. Understand that the industry is in a state of flux and laws, ordinances and regulations are subject to change at any time. Stay on top of those changes to avoid penalties for non-compliance.

  2. Hosts must complete a background check and apply for an owner or non owner-occupant license. The city wants to know whether you live there permanently.

  3. Hosts must pay a transient occupancy tax, aligning Airbnb with the hotel/motel industry.

  4. Hosts must maintain records of all guests.

  5. Hosts should review any homeowners association rules regarding the possible restriction of Airbnb rentals in your community.

  6. Hosts must obtain proper liability insurance. Confirm that the operation of your property as an Airbnb doesn't violate your homeowners insurance policy and purchase an insurance product for short-term rentals if your policy excludes them.

  7. Hosts must develop at 24/7complaint system for community members.

  8. To reduce noise complaints, consider purchasing a product that will alert the host of excessive noise in the property such as NoiseAware.

  9. Avoid the unwanted party by tracking the number of cellphones in the property at a time.

  10. Keep guests and employees safe by changing locks and key codes often.

So follow these tips, pack up the kids, open your home and stay with a friend during the next Ohio State-Michigan football game. Your wallet will thank you.

Go Bucks,


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