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What's Holding You Back?

See a problem, find a solution. That's what I'm always telling myself. I have lots of ideas for solutions to lots of problems. I'm an inventor in my head, but that's where the progress typically stops. I wonder what holds me back, and I have searched the internet to find out. Because that is where all the real answers to my deepest questions lie, right? ;)

Some people get scared, or don't know how to follow through. Some people think they don't have the resources or the education or the experience or the intelligence. Some people are lazy or distracted. Some people think the idea is silly, too simplistic, or has been done before. I think I am all of these things, but not all of the time.

I can think of many examples where I have set a goal and followed through, so I know it's possible. I graduated from college and law school with honors. I took and passed 5 states' bar exams, ran a marathon, got my real estate license, and started a business or two. I have set small goals like getting up at 6am to meditate and work out, and I am pretty consistent with those too. But I want to be an entrepreneur now. I want to create a successful real estate investment business. I don't want to be mediocre.


So what do I know?

1. To be an investor, I need to find properties.

2. To find properties, I need to research, network, and follow up.

3. To close a deal, I need to be comfortable with rejection and keep moving forward.

And, duh.. I already have a property. The journey to passive retirement income begins with a single property. Don't get caught up in comparing yourself with investors owning hundreds or thousands of properties. They started with one. Run your own race. Set your own goals. Celebrate small victories. In 365 days, a year will have passed. I will be 42 in fact. Will we be proud of our accomplishments or disappointed in another wasted year of missed opportunities? I'm on team proud!

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