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Just Give Up, It's a Man's World Anyway

The game was designed by men for men. It doesn't matter what game.. sports, business, law, real estate... men made the rules, and women have to find a way to follow them. It's not a knock on men. I believe in capitalism and free enterprise. More power to the person, man or woman, who designs a system that meets his or her needs and brings success. The reality is that men don't have babies, and following a strategy that omits the intricacy of motherhood is a recipe for failure. I'm frustrated at myself for not realizing this earlier, and not making the changes I need to create success for myself, as a woman, mom, wife, and primary care-giver.

I am always trying to learn and improve myself by reading, studying and watching podcasts. I love the motivational and business self help gurus. I watch Motiversity while I exercise. I've learned that the most successful people schedule every minute of the day the night before so as to be the most productive. In fact, I should set my alarm two hours early so I can get up, meditate, pray, give gratitude, drink my lemon water and apple cider vinegar, work out, shower and get ready for the day. I love it! I can do it! I'm ready! Then in the middle of the night I hear a loud shrieking "Mom, I don't feel good!" I am now not ready. I am up at 3 am with a sick child. What happens to the schedule then?

Last week I had such big plans for my real estate investment portfolio. But, sad to say I had one child after another home sick. As the primary caregiver, I am satisfied with my choice to be the person who stays home and takes care of the needy. However, it definitely throws off my "real estate empire" plans. How can I be one of the successful people if I can't do what successful people do? It dawned on me that these successful people are mostly men. 95% of the podcast hosts and his guests I watch are men. In my experience and in 95% of my friends' experiences, the mom takes care of the kids.

So my takeaway is never give up! Stay positive and be flexible. Sleep in in the morning if you were up all night, or go back to bed when the kids get on the bus. Forget the laundry. Get up, drink your coffee and choose one little thing from your list that will put you closer to your goals and dreams. That's what I did today, and I feel more confident about myself and my ability to achieve my goals.

The actual pile of laundry I left today to write this post!

Go get 'em ladies!


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